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The individuality and subjectivity of human beings are the central themes of my work. Each individual posseses their own context and like that, the same event is lived in a different way; in the same way it happens when contemplating a piece of art, our look re-creates what we see, according to our own living experience. Mi work encompasses visual arts and I use what is called 'técnicas de azar': dripping and collage. Mainly acrylic painting on canvas, recycled cardboard; I also added in collages made of clippings, old cards, etc. What I find more interesting about these figurative images found, is to incorporate them to an abstract scenery, giving them a new meaning. Currently, I am experimenting with polyurethane foam, with the aim of giving a more architectural touch to my work. My biggest motivation is experimenting and improvising, working intuitively and in a liberating way. I intend to suggest, rather than say, for the viewer to make their own interpretation. To me, art is a communication tool: from the inside out and crosswide

”In her acrylic paintings on canvas, Montseé brings those elements into a dynamic relationship, giving that interior life a vivid presence. She uses simple forms and gestures in her images, but the energy and power of her brushstrokes animate each line and curve. A simple vertical shape conjures up the image of a human figure on a street, or an undulating curve becomes a powerful representation of a dance. These paintings have an iconic quality that succinctly represents their subjects but does so in a way that stretches the boundaries of reality. That sense of taking something seemingly simple and teasing out its complexities extends to her colors. She usually uses white, black and yellow, and that concise palette lets her turn her attention inward to find a subtle kind of variety. It is like watching a black-and-white film, which hints at the sense of movement and drama that gives her work its power” ...Angela Di Bello, Director Ágora Gallery, New York.
Bio - CV
I was born in Aspe and I am based in Alicante, Spain; already at a young age, I learned painting with the artists Sixto Marco and Alberto Agulló, although I developed my early frofessional career in the finance industry, spending many years away from art. I moved to Vitoria in 2010. There I started a journey that took me back to art. During all these years, I have always been surrounded by artists, participating in exhibitions and visiting some of the most important museums in the world; this allowed me to stay in touch with art. I studied art in London, Murcia, Alicante, Vitoria and other places, in different areas, from photography painting to art of the new media; always following my own interests and needs. I am thankful for the big opportunity that life gave me, I am able to fully dedicate myself to what always has been my passion, and enjoy my new studio, in a warehouse building in San Vicente del Raspeig, I work every day to bring life to my projetcs. To me, expressing myself is a necessity, that puts me right in touch with my spritual world; before I start, I meditate, this allows me to get in touch with my inner self and when I am in front of my work, I let myself go and flow with the moment. Life thaught me... the journey is what matters!
  • 2015. Ágora Gallery -New York-EEUU.
  • 2014. Jose Luis Rodríguez Alconedo Gallery- Puebla- Mexico.
  • 2014. Green Chair Gallery- London-U.K.
  • 2014. Finalist IX National Exhibition Mirada - Jorge Alió Foundation-Alicante-Spain.
  • 2013. FAIM ART XIII EDITION. Palace of Congress- Madrid-Spain.
  • 2012. International SICA. British Columbia (UBC)- Vancouver-Canada.
  • 2011. Exhibition Centre EPA Paulo Freire – Vitoria-Spain.
  • 2010. Aula -44 Painting Artists Group. EPA Paulo Freire Exhibition Centre-Vitoria-Spain.
  • 1991. Hort Xocolater. CAM Exhibition-Crevillente-Spain.
  • 1989-88. Hort Xocolater. CAM Exhibition- Elche-Spain.
  • 1980-81. Hort Xocolater Painting School Presentation. CAM Exhibition Centre- Elche-Spain.
  • 2016. Atlas of new media material by Varara Guljajeva and Mar Canet. Node Center -Berlin-Germany.
  • 2016. Internet, art and commitment by Veronica Blanco. Sea International University -Murcia-Spain.
  • 2015-16. II Edition Course of New Models of Cultural Management.Murcia University -Murcia-Spain.
  • 2015. Photography by José Manuel Saiz y Carlos Basalobre- L´Spai- Alicante-Spain
  • 2013. Expresive Painting by Ewa Gargulinska.University Central Saint Martins- London-uk.
  • 2009-11. Outdoor Painting. Grupo Aula 44- Vitoria-Spain.
  • 1998. Photography Painting. Ouka Lele.Centro de Arte Eusebio Sempere- Alicante-Spain.
  • 1987-90. Official Training Courses.Hort del Xocolater- Elche-Spain.
  • 1978-80. Painting School Hort del Xocolater -Elche-Spain.